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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can the seeds grow without soil?

This is possible with the revolutionary “Seed Mat” that comes in your Watercress Kits cut to fit and place the "Seed Mat" in the Automatic Sprouter.  Since, watercress is a "jelly-like" seed, if you soak the seed it can mildew and rot and not germinate, not now with Watercress Kits; No Jars - No Rinsing - No Mess Remember that "Sprouts may provide up to 600% more vitamins than the full grown plant!"

2. Which Watercress Sprouting Kit would work the best for me?

They both work great for individuals or families. The 3-Tray Mini is nice if you will need small size crops, or if you have friends or family that you would like to share the Sprouters with. Watercress Kits are a great way to sprout all sprouting seeds like; cress - watercress - wheat grass - wheatgrass - alfalfa - radish - broccoli and we only use certified organic seeds which are safe for your family!

  Watercress Kits 3-Tray Automatic Sprouters

3. Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes, to Canada and the United Kingdom. We will be expanding to many other countries in the near future.  Watercress Kits is working on a way to reduce the cost of shipping and handling for our international and oversees customers.  Click on your Country to order:    

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4. If I juice, how much watercress sprouts should I juice?

Watercress is a “Super-Food” already and with the sprouts from your Watercress Kits they will provide up to “600% more vitamins than in theWatercress Vegetable Juice Recipe by Watercress Kits unsprouted” Cress. Never drink watercress juice by itself it's to powerful. You will want to use around an 1-2 Tablespoons of Watercress Kits Sprouts (not packed but loosely placed in the measuring spoon) this when juiced will produce approximately (*1 teaspoons at the most) of concentrated watercress juice, this must be combined with at least 9 ounces but preferably 10 ounces of Veggie Juice and water to make an 10 ounce glass of Veggie Cress Drink (a little goes a long way)!  Also, with the Variety Refill Kit you can combine your alfalfa, wheat grass and cress sprouts for a tasty variety.  Which you can find in the “What's Cookin” with Cress Recipes.

5. In your Refill Kits you have a Kit with just Cress and one with Cress, Wheatgrass and Alfalfa and Cress, Radish and Brocolli Seeds, will they all grow without soil in my kit?

Yes, they all will grow in your Watercress Sprout Kit, because of the amazing “Seed Mat” and because sprouts may provide up to 600% more vitamins then in the full grown plant they will initiate growth without soil.  You will be happy with Watercress Hydroponic Sprouting Kits we provide the easiest and most affordable method of sprouting.  Wheatgrass takes around 10 days to sprout, they are a tougher seed and I do soak wheatgrass for about 1 day throw the water away do not use it; then put the soaked seeds on the "Seed Mat" sometimes wheatgrass can get mildew at its roots; but the Seed Mats help to eliminate this problem.  Also, we only use certified organic seeds that are third party tested to be disease free! 

6. I grew sprouts in water and found they soured very quickly will this happen with my Watercress Kit?

No, they will last a lot longer. The “Sprout Master™“ Regular or 3-Tray Mini was selected by Watercress Kits because of its ventilation and how easily it works with the “Seed Mats” they are designed to hold up to 50% more water and are biodegradable and organic, the "Seed Mats" keep the seeds moist but do not soak the seeds and this prevents mildew and rot.  Three large "Seed Mats" are included with every Watercress Kit and also both Refill Kits.

7. How long can I keep my sprouts in the refrigerator?

The “Sprout Master™” will usually extend the crop life for up to 2-3 days.  You can also pull or cut the sprouts from the "Seed Mat" and remove the hulls or shells and place them in a plastic bag with a moist papertowel for easy nibbling.

8. I saw the recipe for the Iced Tea and wondered if the watercress makes it have a strong taste? Watercress Tea Recipe Iced or Hot Tea

You will be pleasantly surprised that the Iced Tea will be smooth, nutritious and delicious.  And, since watercress is a very powerful sprout a little will go a long way so you can at first try a small amount of watercress sprouts and still benefit from their nutritional goodness.

9. As my sprouts grew I noticed that part of the shell from the seed was still there, why are they on my sprouts?Watercress Easy Seed Hulls or Shell Removal

We tried a variety of seeds both with and without the shell. The ones with the shells produced a much stronger, thicker crops faster!  You can rinse the sprouts or remove the hulls with a cocktail fork (I prefer this method I've found it to be very easy).  Also, just as a note the shells will not harm you.

10. After planting my Watercress Kits seeds I noticed a smell, what is this?

This is the part of the growing process called "germination" the smell will go away.  Watercress has a lot of sulfur and that is a part of it's wonderful health qualities for the skin and entire body.  Also, it's very necessary and desired; it means the seeds are working to become a sprout. The seeds have so many vitamins and minerals that they are actually growing without soil and the biodegradable "Seed Mats" hold up to 50% more water and is made to resist souring.  And, the Automatic Sprouter with the holes at the bottom allow the roots of the sprouts to get ample air circulation for healthy sprouts in 7-10 days!  You will be able to grow delicious and nutritious sprouts all year-round whenever you need them.

11. Are the "Seed Mats" hard to cut, and how do they work? Watercress Kits Seed Mats easily cut and grow sprouts

The Seed Mats are very easy to cut in fact sometimes I cut them into shapes like hearts and letters for centerpieces.  And they hold up to 50% more water so they keep the seeds wet so they will germinate, they are biodegradable and organic.  The Seed Mats are what make Watercress Kits Hydroponic so no more large old fashioned jars, no more rinsing over and over again and no more dirt!

12. Can I keep my Watercress Sprouter in the sun while sprouting?

The answer is it's not the preferred spot.  I would not keep the sprouts in the sun or direct sunlight because this can hinder the sprouting process.  Watercress Sprout Kits can be placed on your kitchen counter, table, and desk right in your home, apartment or even your office.  Also, you can take advantage of its mobility by placing your Sprouter just about anywhere in your home; just avoid sunny areas like the windowsill for the best results because it will dry out the "Seed Mat" too fast.  The Sprouter has a tray that you will use to catch the water; after the daily watering.  So make sure that where you place the Sprouter will not be affected by the small amount of water that may get on the surface.  Our Watercress Kits are great because of the small size and that it's portable as well as a very efficient hydroponic dirt-free indoor sprout garden.   

Watercress Sprout Kit Decortive Box  

13. How do your prices compare with other companies cress seeds?  

Very good question, Watercress Kits are very competitive and have kept our same 2008 low prices.  But, to give you an example: The typical 5 gram package of cress seeds sells for approximately $10.00 USD, 5 grams is equivalent to 0.17636981 ounces so 2 ounces is equivalent to 56.69 grams therefore, based on this pricing 2.0 ounces of cress seeds alone would cost you around $113.38 USD.  Also, an important part is that our Cress Seeds and in fact all of the seeds we sell are 100% Disease Free and Tested Organic Seeds. Our Watercress Kits help to save you money and time, and you will be happy with how easy it will be to sprout watercress right on your countertop for delicious and nutritious dishes for your family and friends.

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Attention: When juicing watercress, Do not drink the whole watercress juice or watercress sprout juice straight or by itself it is to powerful and could harm you, the ratio should be 1 teaspoon watercress sprout juice with; or combined with 10 ounces or more of liquid and/or other juices and water!  Remember, that sprouts are power packed raw food.  If you choose to disregard this information and important guidelines you are doing so at your own risk.