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As Easy As 1-2-3 Grow Watercress Sprouting Instructions
"Watercress could be a Life-Saver"

"Watercress could be a Life-Saver"

“Eating watercress daily can significantly reduce DNA damage to blood cells, which is considered to be an important trigger in the development of cancer1  

University of Ulster scientists revealed today

Hydroponic Indoor Sprout Gardens by Watercress Kits 

(Easy and Affordable)

No Jars - No Rinsing - No Dirt - And No Mess!

Are you tired of trying to sprout the old fashioned way; and forgetting to rinse the sprouts 3-4 times a day and having them turn brown and then having to throw the sprouts away, what a waste?

This is why we invented this easy way of sprouting, with Watercress Sprout Kits you can leave the sprouts, no more babysitting the sprouts just go out and enjoy your day wet them and forget them and they will stay fresh; just water them when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed and in 7-10 days you will have delicious, nutritious affordable organic sprouts all year-round! (Wheat grass usually takes 10 days to sprout!)

You get everything that you need to sprout:

    • The Growing Medium: Hydroponic and Biodegradable "Seed Mats" that are "Green" and great for growing all sprouting seeds. Watercress is a gelactious seed so soaking it doesn't work it mildews and sours.  Watercress Kits uses "Seed Mats" these remarkable growing medium keep the seeds moist but doesn't soak them; and the  results are incredible, in just 7-10 days you will have fresh nutritious watercress sprouts.
    • Certified Organic Seeds; Watercress Kits only uses certified organic seeds and this should be very important to you because conventional seeds can have disease in the seeds.
    "Sprouts may provide up to 600% more vitamins than the full grown plant" so Watercress Kits will provide you a great way to give your family the added nutrition missing in a lot of daily diets and because of the power packed nutrition a little goes a long way with sprouts.  

      Grow a variety of sprouting seeds and with our (2) Watercress Variety Refill Kits you will have a selection of CAW: Cress, Alfalfa, and Wheatgrass - or CRB: Cress, Radish and Broccoli Organic Sprouting Seeds, for a wonderful variety of nutrients and flavors.

      Sprouts are Vegan and Vegetarian friendly and packed with enzymes, vitamins and mineralsNow!  Easily grow cress and all other sprouts in your home, apartment or even your office! 

      Buy Watercress Sprout Kits for the future as well as for Emergency Surplus.  Having reserves and surplus supplies are on a lot of Americans' minds these days, especially when a lot of our foods have little or no nutritional value.  Now you will have the ability to grow your own sprouts like cress, alfalfa, radish, broccoli sprouts and wheatgrass any time you need and want sprouts, all grown indoors all year-round. 

       Store the sprouting seeds that you aren't going to use right away; and have emergency backup and surplus for your future (see below)!

      Watercress Kits makes sprouting even the smallest seeds a breeze.   Usually small seeds like cress are hard to sprout; but with the amazing "Seed Mats" you won't have to waste your time rinsing the seeds 4 times a day to keep them from rotting.  Besides, cress cannot be sprouted the old-fashioned way in the jars it usually will mildew!  And, if you are away from home or at work how do you rinse the seeds 4 times a day the old-fashioned way to keep them from souring and getting mildew?  You Don't, because with Watercress Kits you will have biodegradable "Seed Mat" you just water the "Seed Mats" (with the seeds on them)     (1x during the day and 1x at night.)  And, with Watercress Kits revolutionary and unique sprouting system in just 7-10 days you will have fresh sprouts for your family! 

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        Watercress Kits: “As Easy As 1 - 2 – 3”

        Cut “Seed Mat” to fit the Stainless Steel Splash Guard or Sprouter with holes at the bottom.
        Wet down “Seed Mat” with tepid purified water. Soak just long enough to dampen the Mat and Do Not soak the seeds.
        Spread the Seeds on the “Seed Mat” with medium coverage & Water daily at least 2 x's a day getting the Seed Mat and organic seeds very wet you cannot over water!.

        What Supplies will you may need:

        A ruler No ruler is necessary, just decide on how large or small of a crop you want to grow.  The Splash Guard can hold up to the largest capacity for Example for the “Regular (6 x 6  size Seed Mat).  And, If you make a mistake don't worry, just place the extra piece of Seed Mat on the Splash Guard, wet down, and spread your seeds on the Mat and in about 7-10 days you will have sprouts place a plate under the Splash Guard to catch the water! 

        Cutting utensil (I use clean scissors), for cutting the Hydroponic Watercress Kits “Seed Mat”, (Don’t worry it’s very easy to cut) The "Seed Mats" are environmentally "Green" and biodegradable! Place cut "Seed Mat" on Splash Guard wet thoroughly with clean water and hands.

        *Note: If you make a mistake when cutting the “Growing Mat or Seed Mat” it’s okay! Just soak the pieces of your “Seed Mat” and put them together on the Guard or Sprouter with holes at the bottom if you already own a Sprouter then just add your seeds and your sprouting "No worries!”


        Water the hydroponic “Seed Mat” at least 2 times a day once in the morning and once at night.  It must be kept watered to keep the seeds moist so they germinate.

        Using your clean hands sprinkle water over the "Seed Mat" every day. Watercress is a “Mucilaginous Seed” so if you've ever soaked cress seeds the old fashioned way in a jar you know that you ended up with a gelatin consistency, that will spoil and mildew. Not anymore, Watercress Kits hydroponic indoor gardening system easily fixes everything and will allow you to grow sprouting seeds with great ease, sprouting all kinds of small and medium size seeds are easy with Watercress Sprout Kits. Just watch them grow in about 7-10 days you will have a wonderful harvest of organic cress, alfalfa, radish, broccoli sprouts and organic (wheatgrass usually takes 10 days to reach maturity)  You will easily sprout other sprouting seeds in your Watercress Kits Hydroponic Sprouting System! 5-7  

        Also remember: Do Not place sprouts on the window-ledge in direct sunlight, this could hinder the sprouting process by drying out the hydroponic "Seed Mats."   And, water at least 2 x's daily! 

        The Certified Organic SproutingWatercress Kits How to remove hulls from sprouts Seeds used in Watercress Kits all have the "Hulls" or "Seed Shells" (which is the same thing) on them this way they are unprocessed and I find that they make a better sprouting seed.  You will have the "Hulls" at the base of the sprout on the Hydroponic "Seed Mat." 

        • I have found two very effective ways to remove the hulls, you can use a small cocktail fork or even a regular fork and rake through the roots of the sprouts and you can easily remove them right from the sprouts roots. 
        • Another way is in the diagram below basically to wash the sprouts in cool clean water and the hulls will rise to the top of the bowl; in this method the sprouts will be all bunched together. 

        Either way will work to remove the hulls. 

        Important Note:  The hulls are completely safe; With this is mind, I still have found that most people prefer to remove the hulls/shells I do! 

        Rinsing Sprouts to Remove The Hulls

        How to Remove Seed Hulls
        Rinsing the sprouts and removing seed hulls
        Rinsed Sprouts
        Get ready to remove the seed hull from your sprouts! Hulls will rise to the top seperate sprouts with a fork.  Drain off hulls and rinse again. Place sprouts on clean paper towels and let drain.  Then place on new paper towels and store in a baggie

        Hydroponic Watercress Sprout Variety Refill KitsReorder: Also don't forget to reorder you will automatically Savings 10% when you order the Cress Refill Kit and or a Cress Variety Refill Kit. The Watercress Variety Refill Kit will provide you with Cress, Wheatgrass and Alfalfa Organic Sprouting Seeds. And, with our unique hydroponic “Seed Mat” you will be able to grow delicious and nutritious sprouts from all of these seeds and other sprouting seeds in your Watercress Sprouting Kit all year-round!

        Buy Watercress Kits! 
         You will be happy, with how easy our Sprouting Methods is compared to other methods!


        No more giant heavy sprouting jars to rinse and try to hide, Watercress Kits will show you how to store your seeds in the sprouting jars for surplus!  Watercress Kits will provide what you need!

        • Watercress Refill Kits will supply you with additional Hydroponic "Seed Mats" and Certified Organic Seeds. 
        • No more heavy and unsightly sprouting jars just sitting around, but they won't go to waste read how to store and preserve your seeds for the future.  With Watercress Kits you'll just wet down the "Seed Mat" place your organic cress seeds on the "Seed Mat" water daily and watch the sprouts grow hydroponically and in around 7 days you will have fresh organic watercress sprouts.
        • The Cress Refill Kit will provides you with 3 "Seed Mats" and 2 ounces of Cress Organic Seeds
        • The Variety Refill Kit will provide you with 3 "Seed Mats" and all Certified Organic Seeds: 2 ounces of Cress seeds, 1 oz of Wheatgrass seeds, and 1 oz of Alfalfa seeds, for a virtual Cornucopia of Raw Foods and Vitamins; Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly! 

        HOW TO STORE YOUR SEEDS! Organic Sprouting Seeds

        ♥ Watercress is considered as being in the "Long-Lived" Family of Seeds:  They should last around (4-5 years) they are among the lettuce, cabbage and radish family of seeds. 

        ♥ For short and long term storage of your seeds, always make sure that your seeds are labeled.  Make sure that you always place the date on your label with the name of the seeds as well.  Then place the label on the container or on the envelope.

        Example:               Organic Watercress Seeds                               

                                        Date Stored: __/__/____   

        ♥ By placing the Type of seeds or (Name) and the (Date) that you Stored your seeds you can rotate the seeds out every few years to make sure that they don’t expire and this way you can have a supply of healthy seeds for years to come. 

        Short Term Storage, Store your seeds in a cool, dry place like the refrigerator or freezer and where insects cannot get into them.

        ♥ When considering Long Term Storage place your seeds in a labeled envelope in a jar, make sure you seal the jar very tightly.  Then you can place your jar of labeled and dated seeds in the refrigerator, or even the freezer.  I prefer the refrigerator. 

        ♥ To help absorb moisture from spoiling the seeds you can place a small, cloth bag, (I use sterile cheese cloth) with dry powdered milk, then tie the bag with string, place the powdered milk bag at the bottom of the jar directly under the seeds.  Make sure that your powdered milk is fresh.  

        ♥ Most people are concerned about storing the seeds to have them in the future and for emergency use so they like to store the seeds in order to have them available for years to come!  You can also rotate your seeds by having the date on them using the older seeds first and that way keep having fresh seeds in your surplus!

        Hydroponic "Seed Mats" used in Watercress Kits

        The "Seed Mat" is a Hydroponic Medium that Watercress Sprout Kits has chosen; because it is an hydrophilic and it has excellent moisture absorption combined with optimum moisture management.  The “Seed Mat” we us are a revolutionary new growth medium technology:  
        • It’s biodegradable, inert but not sterile.
        • It will not interact with your plants or nutrient solutions.
        • It is natural for Organic growing.
        This revolutionary product is proven to have many unique qualities that make it superior to other widely used mediums, like peat, Perlite and Rockwool.
        • It holds 30-50 times its weight in water.  So it needs less watering but don't forget to keep it wet.
        • “Seed Mats” have a great aeration capacity. 
        • They are light-weight and very easy to use and too cut to the measurement that you need, so less waste.
        • It is clean and unlike dirt and other mediums, making Watercress Sprouting Kits cleaner and more efficient.
        • It is BIODEGRADABLE in SOIL which makes it very environmentally friendly and you will "Go Green!"
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        Attention: When juicing watercress, Do not drink the whole watercress juice or watercress sprout juice straight or by itself it is to powerful and could harm you, the ratio should be 1 teaspoon watercress sprout juice with; or combined with 10 ounces or more of liquid and/or other juices and water!  Remember, that sprouts are power packed raw food.  If you choose to disregard this information and important guidelines you are doing so at your own risk.

        REFERENCES: ¹ 15, February 2007  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. ²Sprout Master™ The Worlds' Greatest Sprouter and Crisper