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Watercress Kits and Refill Kits United Kingdom Watercress Kits United Kingdom

United Kingdom Customers can purchase Watercress Kits "Single" Sprouter Kits and the "3-Tray Mini" Sprouter Kits.  You will SAVE 10% when you reorder additional "Seed Mats" and seeds, with either the Cress Refill Kit and or the Variety Refill Kits. 

The UK has enjoyed watercress and understood it's value for centuries, so you will see that by buying Watercress Sprout Kits you will have certified organic watercress year round!  In addition, studies done in the UK show that watercress can repair DNA. 

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The Advantage to Growing Your Own

Watercress Kits Sprouts

  • Year-round Sprouts for your entire family!
  • The weather is not an issue grow Watercress Kits sprouts in your home, apartment or even your office.
  • Certified Organic Seeds provide safety and nutrition.
  • Hydroponic Sprouting Kits that are dirtless.
  • Watercress sprouts are not available at the grocery stores!
  • Sprouting made Easy and Affordable.
  • Watercress is a gelatinous seed "jelly-like" when it gets wet, so it's hard to grow the old-fashioned way. 
  • Research shows that "Sprouts provide up to "600% more vitamins than the full grown plant!"
  • Eating "wild" or non organic watercress can have dangerous consequences with contamination like "Liver Fluke Disease" 

Hydroponic "Seed Mats" used in Watercress Kits

The medium Watercress Sprout Kits uses is hydrophilic and guarantee excellent moisture absorption combined with optimum moisture management.  The “Seed Mat” we us are a revolutionary new growth medium technology:  
  • It’s hygienic, inert and sterile.
  • It will not interact with your plants or nutrient solutions.
  • It is natural for Organic growing.
This revolutionary product is proven to have many unique qualities that make it superior to other widely used mediums, like peat, Perlite and Rockwool.
  • It holds 30-50 times its weight in water.  So it needs less watering
  • “Seed Mats” have a great aeration capacity. 
  • They are light-weight and very easy to use and too cut to the measurement that you need, so less waste.
  • It is clean and unlike dirt and other mediums it will never make a mess.
  • It is BIODEGRADABLE in SOIL which makes it very environmentally friendly!

Additional Information About Watercress Kits:

All Watercress Sprout Kits come with Certified Organic Seeds.  The revolutionary "Seed Mats" are a perfect medium for this Hydroponic Sprouting Kits and they are exclusive to Watercress Kits!  You will be able to sprout and grow cress and a variety of other sprouts and seeds with your Watercress Sprout Kits, they are very easy to use: "As Easy As 1-2-3" and sprouts are such a rich source of Vitamins in fact "sprouts may provide up to 600% more vitamins than the full grown plant!" 

Shipping information for both the Single Sprouter Kit and the 3-Tray Sprouter Kits:  Shipping and Handling has gone up drastically based on the weight of the Sprouter and package size it is now $45.50 US which actually is more than the Watercress Kits cost for everything that you need to sprout right on your countertop.  Our Kits are absolutely the best way to sprout watercress without soil, rinsing or jars.  This high charge is only on the Kits with the Sprouters so after this initial cost you will have your Sprouter and only need a Refill Kit which will be a lot lower shipping cost.  We hope that the shipping cost doesn't prevent you from buying a Watercress Kit because they really are remarkably easy to use on all of the Sprouting Seeds that we offer.

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Attention: When juicing watercress, Do not drink the whole watercress juice or watercress sprout juice straight or by itself it is to powerful and could harm you, the ratio should be 1 teaspoon watercress sprout juice with; or combined with 10 ounces or more of liquid and/or other juices and water!  Remember, that sprouts are power packed raw food.  If you choose to disregard this information and important guidelines you are doing so at your own risk.